Project of Golden Black Fusion Granite Kitchen Countertops Vein Matched

Project of Golden Black Fusion Granite Kitchen Countertops Vein Matched

  • Material: Project of Golden Black Fusion Granite Kitchen Countertop Vein Matched
  • Place Of Origin: China
  • Brand: EWS
  • Standard Thickness: 20mm (3/4") and 30mm (1 1/4")
  • Finishing Way: Polished, Honed, Antiqued etc
  • MOQ: Negotiable
  • Application: Countertop, Worktop, Table top, Kitchen top, Benchtop, Bar top, Bathroom Vanity top, etc.
  • Accept Any Customized Sizes or Regular-Wholsales Size As  below:
    2400*600mm (94"x24")
    2600*600mm (102"x24")
    2800*600mm (110"x24")
    2750*650mm (108"x25.5")
    2500*650mm (98"x25.5")
    2440*660mm (96"x26")
    2500*910mm (98"x36")

Black fusion granite is a type of natural stone with veins of golden and white ivory smeared on the dark background that are quarried from brazil.

It  has a versatile pattern & beautiful color scheme and  imparts a sense of elegance and style.

The polished texture of the granite richly complements the luster of the smooth surface, making the granite slab look unique and attractive.

It's also considerred as a kind of quartzite because of its high density and hardness, and it has truly unique veining, color, and movement in every block produced. 

Fusion's bold veining appears in vibrant waves and swirls of different colors, making for one spectacular quartzite slab.

The black fusion granite quartzite stone is an ideal choice for a wide range of interior and exterior projects like kitchen island, kitchen countertops, stairs and floors, backsplashes, fireplace, vanity top, cladding, swimming pool areas, fountains and bathroom walls,etc.

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