China Cosmic Black Granite

"China cosmic black granite" is a kind of china quarry  beautiful dark granite with a wide range of shades and infrequent patches of white,  the quarry mountain which are located at Northern China. It's a perfect and affordable black stone to replace the high cost Imported cosmic black granite. China Cosmic Black combines the beauty and movement of marble with the hardness and durability of granite , thus it can used for any exterior and interior construction applications, such as Floor and wall slabs, tiles, pavers &coping stone, windowsill, and other design projects. Especially people like to use it for countertops and vanity top use.,  It 's also be called Fantasy black granite, Royal Black granite, Black and White Granite, Royal Ballet Black Granite,Titanium Black Granite ,Via Lactea Granite,Mist Black Via Lactea,River Black Via Lactea,River Black Granite,China Via Lactea Granite, etc. China cosmic black granite stone products can be processed by different finishings, like Polished, Honed, Rockfaced,Antiqued, Sandblasted, Tumbled and so on.

Features and benefits of the Cosmic Black Granite:

1.Entirely natural beauty & Unique appearance

2.Luxurious yet practical & Extremely durable

3.Resistant to stains,scratch &Easy maintenance.